history of the people, to stimulate our national pride and self-confidence, all the people of rejuvenating China firm to realize the Chinese dream of confidence and determination. Let the collection in the museum's artifacts on display in the vast heritage of the earth, in the text written in the ancient books are alive.Heritage careerHistory and culture is the soul of the city, to protect the city's historical heritage as cherish their own lives the sa  nike air max 2014 womens  me. Must be based on the historical responsibility of the people responsible for the spiritual heritage of historical context, and make sure that development in the protection, the protection in development. Properly handle the relationship between tradition and modernity, the inheritance and development, make our city building better reflect regional characteristics, national characteristics and modern style WASHINGTON "In recent years, the city CPPCC various major topics were selected in consultation activities The key point, suggestions are built on the idea that many important government decisions are made more scientific, and we express our sincere gratitude. "January 7

 pm, Chizhou City Hall and the Municipal CPPCC held a joint meeting cum seek government work report advice forum, Zhao Xin group mayor Municipal CPPCC deliberative democracy work "points praise."2014, deliberative democracy work Chizhou CPPCC in municipal government and the joint efforts of the three municipal CPPCC, made gratifying achievements. Year, the municipal government and the municipal CPPCC joint development plan focused on democratic consultation, establishing the focus of negotiation issues. In carrying out the focus o nike air max 2015 womens  f consultations, the municipal government responsible comrades of the whole arrangement to participate in research, municipal government leaders and other responsible comrades attended the consultative meeting, the outcome of the negotiations, such as research reports and recommendations submitted in a timely manner given instructions transformation implemented. As mayor Zhao Xin group says, "the municipal government work report was a lot of work, embodied the wisdom and strength of CPPCC members."Reflect public opinion is a regular work of the CPPCC, 2014, submitted to the city CPPCC municipal

government of public opinion reached 80, but less than half of city leaders instructed transformation. "This is not conducive to mobilize the enthusiasm of members, the government hopes to give attention to." City Committee Chairman Fang Zhiheng said. This "suggestions" immediately get feedback municipal leaders, "Before the speech, to add an 'agenda' ......" Under the proposal, Zhao Xin group mayor, vice mayor of the four participants in order "stand": in charge of the work within the scope of their duties to do to implement the outcome of the CPPCC inst nike air max hyperposite cheap  ructions submitted by the public opinion.Joint Council agenda also increased more than this one. Research in 2015 focused on negotiation topics are "accidentally" into the negotiation content. Members in his government work report made consultations, 2014 Chizhou vigorously promote the reform of administrative examination and approval system, the municipal administrative approval ...... 53% reduction achieved significant results. In order to meet this year's economic development, the new normal, continue to accelerate the transformation of government functions, such as the depth of