unchanged, we will continue to oppose "Taiwan independence." Under such circumstances, according to Taiwan scholars, especially within the DPP some people say, Tsai future mainland policy must be close to the middle line, not to talk about "independence", nor "the system." Tsai Ing-wen of last year from the attitude of view, she is almost no longer call "independence" in public, of course, does not say "the system." She "Taiwan Denike hyperdunk 2011 cheapmocracy founding" began to emphasize the "Republic of China" has been an "independent sovereign state", that is, the concept of Ma Ying-jeou has a tendency to close.However, what is unexpected is that Tsai Ing-wen, on January 5, the former leader of the Taiwan region, the "son of Taiwan," said Chen Shui-bian has gained medical parole. Chen's release from prison, will undoubtedly upset wen cross-strait routes close to the middle of intent. Because as the "Taiwan independence" doctrine ists Tsai Chen Shui-bian will not allow to abandon the "Taiwan independence" program, and next year in order to obtain regional leader Tsai Ing-wen big place, to support "Taiwan independence" doctrine camp, I believe she will not choose to resist Chen "decree", this year, the DPP's cross-strait policy, or will occur many variables, which will also bring a lot of variables in cross-strait relations.In

2008, the KMT to regain Taiwan "political power" in the common opposition KMT and restore "Taiwan independence" and adhere to the "1992 consensus" on the basis of cross-strait institutionalized negotiations, the two sides in the "easy things first, the first After the government "principle, after the joint efforts of both sides, in a short period of six years later, the two sides have signed ECFA, etc., and reached 21 cooperation agreements or consensus. Cross-strait exchanges and cooperation and cross-strait peace dividend to benefit compatriots on both sides, it is this background, allowing the development of cross-strait peace agreement became public on both sides and irreversible historical trend.However, due to the island's political system has been formed between the blue and green, "I am against you agree, you are against me in favor" of the "ruling" and "opposition" in politics and political battles habit patt nike air max thea saleerns. Also for this reason, any of the blue-green shift, cross-strait relations will bring a variety of uncertainties.Because of the island of Taiwan in 2015 carries over numerous uncertainties, it also means that cross-strait relations

 in 2015 will not be smooth, not like a calm lake. Whether independent or cross the fermentation of these uncertainties, resulting in cross-strait relations can give this variable. Therefore, the 2015 cross-strait relations, we do not expect it will have a greater development than the previous year, or a breakthrough, but at least we do not want it to go backwards. 2014 has been in the past, in this past year, cross-strait exchanges in the field of education, there is joy, there is disappointment, but the students all around for both sides to create a good learning atmosphere steadily forward. Mixed feelings on both sides of the student, though they enjoy it, they continue to improve cronike air max hyperposite onliness-strait educational exchanges policy and was pleased.In 2014, the newspaper interviewed a number of the stations and terrestrial stations born in the land, they have expressed the joy of the existing cross-strait educational exchanges policies, and policies that do not sound disappointed. Recalling the 2014 cross-strait achievements in the field of education, in general, or to let the two sides are pleased students.Over the years, cross-strait exchanges in the field of education and more bound by the policy, which mostly comes from the shackles of the Taiwan authorities. As terrestrial in Taiwan "three no limit six" restrictive policies, terrestrial station can not be included in health care, the Taiwan authorities recognize only partially educated mining