achieve in order to be admitted. Although a limited number of enrolled harsh conditions, but attracted a lot of willingness to Taiwan to study terrestrial eye. Taiwan opened a public university degree courses, but taking into account both sides of the employment problem of students.The same month, Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation held its eighth directors and supervisors of the eleventh joint project report presented to assist students in the mainland and Taiwan in the Taiwan terrestrial graduate employment. APP plans to construct information platfo nike air max 90 hyperfuse salerm, counseling after graduation to the mainland of Taiwan-funded enterprises in Taiwan terrestrial, while assisting Taiwan students on the mainland can be employed after graduation; platform also help both sides to apply for scholarships and student apply for an internship. Expected that in 2015 formally launched the winter. This news came out, but also strengthened the confidence of terrestrial Taiwan studying.Taiwan to the mainland in 2014 admissions fourth year in August, the education sector in Taiwan, announced plans to recruit a total of 1988 mainland high school, eventually enrolled 1804 people, enrollment compliance rate of 90.74%, compared to the first year of the final admission 742 people in the past three years,

the highest enrollment of 71 percent compliance rate, in 2014 Taiwan Luzhao Sheng record high. Taiwan to study the increasing number of terrestrial, but also to the Taiwan authorities pay more attention to the long-standing problem of terrestrial medical treatment is difficult.October 2014, the Taiwan authonike air max 1 cheaprities, "Legislative Yuan Wei ring welfare committee" trial by terrestrial include Taiwan NHI amending the law, in accordance with the revised policy, the future of terrestrial pay 60% of total health care costs, you can enjoy Taiwan's so-called "universal Health Insurance. " Carolina concerning terrestrial insurance and expenses, will be the "National Health Insurance Law" to complete the second and third reading to amend the law, and passed the draft amendments to certain provisions settled by "people on both sides Relations Ordinance."It is understood that Taiwan currently has a total of more than 12,000 non-Taiwanese students in Taiwan to join the student health insurance, the premium required to pay 60%, 40% subsidy of the Taiwan authorities, health care costs as long as a month pays 749 yuan, 500 yuan subsidy Taiwan authorities. Ill

hundred percent reimbursement.Although Taiwan deregulation in 2014 a lot of educational exchange policy, but there are many policies need to be improved, they did not sound policy has become 2014 students on both sides of regret. 2014 cross-strait students have joy have regretsTerrestrial doctor difficult problem in Taiwan, although difficult step forward, but it has not yet been resolved. Compared to medical treatment is difficulnike lunar hyperdunk 2014 cheapt, Taiwan Chao Xia Federation determined to suspend operations leaving mainland students studying in Taiwan headache.Mention "Chao Xia Federation," may not be well known in Taiwan. But in Taiwan, mainland students, "Chao Xia" is well-known. This is because a large number of Taiwanese students are the "summer surge" apply to the mainland school enrollment procedures, thus saving to the "Beijing-Hong Kong Association" (Hong Kong entry point) registration ticket and accommodation costs. Some candidates even before the exam, participated in the "summer surge" organized by the Service Corps of candidates, from accommodation to the examination room, all have special arrangements.May in April 2014, a paper document will