cultural projects have been completed and put into use, and successfully created the National Garden City, provincial civilized city.Chairman of the meeting that day, the city CPPCC quickly determine the program of work: three teams of troops in three steps, the first to find out the basic situation of 248 square kilome   nike air max 2015 saleters within the cultural characteristics and identify the point; then screening project launched inspection survey, targeted not sake of making criticisms; final thematic discussion seminars, projects have been completed Shiyibuque suggestions, focusing on the downtown cultural, ecological planning the overall layout suggestions, especially under construction in four themes Cultural Park, Dongpo Yuen, Dongpo health botanical garden as well as planning the proposed construction of acres of Riverside Water Wetland Park and to the east slope of the northern suburbs timely theme of the pulse, make sure to consider a game of chess, not blind construction, not isolated embellishment. The formation of research material and Times municipal government and relevant departments for reference, and as one of the focus of this

year's supervision, keep an eye on progress. WASHINGTON 'performance of their duties zayang performance, get the' desktop 'assessment by the masses and members to reform the assessment mechanism, more conducive to mobilize members of the CPPCC organizations and grassroots enthusiasm. "December 29, 2014 Hubei wide water CPPCC 6th assessment team completed Yang Zhaizhen Committee, Standing Committee and Liaison assess nike air max 2014 cheapment work.2014, Hubei wide water innovation CPPCC members, the Standing Committee of the CPPCC chairman and grassroots organizations assessment mechanism, has taken the masses evaluation committee, members of the Standing Committee and the CPPCC assessment agencies, Standing Committee Chairman comment "four assessment", give full play to the masses and Members say the CPPCC members to perform their duties and evaluation. It is reported that the city's "four Comment on" activities starting from December 8, led by the President of the members, sub-6 group has completed the CPPCC, the CPPCC Standing Committee of the CPPCC grassroots organization, the CPPCC organs comment. Every council in six steps, namely debriefing, evaluation, scoring, summarizing, reporting and archiving. Appraisal contents according to the functions carried out scores quantify the performance of their duties

review the results of the Party Organization Department, United Front Work Department and members of the unit were feedback on Examination of incompetent Standing Committee member, be advised speech adjustments. WASHINGTON December 19, 2014, held a second session of the CPPCC Jilin thirteenth President of the Conference, listened to and consultation and discussion "on the second session of the Second Session of the CPPCC Jilin proposals for handling the situation briefing." It is understood that, in 2014, the city CPPCC proposal nike lebron 11 onlineinnovative ways of working, the number of proposals, quality, achieve double jump, for the effectiveness of the more prominent.Actively pursuing the case supervision consultations. Municipal CPPCC proposal covers a wide range of individual, social influence case consultations carried out supervision. Among them, the "Proposal on Strengthening Management of Jilin used car market," involving many departments, handling difficult, members of the handle dissatisfied with the results. In response, the city CPPCC give full play to the role of a bridge linking the two sides do mention, the organization held a proposal