stressed that "stability", "development" and "Riding", to better benefit the people on both sides. Zhang Zhijun argument, display the new year will maintain the "1992 consensus" on the basis of the two sides continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation in various fields and promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations consistent policy of the mainland.Therefore, the 2015 cross-strait economic and trade cooperation, we can foresee, under the premise of not involving licensing negotiations, the future of cross-strait exchanges industry docking, urban economy, trade, culture, agriculture, etc., there is still great room for development. If you do not want to continue Taiwan's economy "boring factory", there is no reason not to strengthen cross-strait economic and trade cooperation and exchanges. National Bureau of Statistics data released on the 9th, 2014 the total national consumer price level (CPI) rose 2 percent over last year, far more control within the upper limit of 3.5% of annual inflation.December CPI rose 0.3nike air max 1 mens  %, rose 1.5% year on year increase of 0.1 percentage points compared to expand in November.Due to hikes in

December dropped to zero, pushing up the entire month CPI increase for the new price factors. Among them, food prices rose 2.9%, expanding 0.6 percentage points higher than in November, affecting the consumer price level rose by about 0.95 percentage points.Five of the seven categories of non-food prices rose two down, where the price of clothing, medical care and personal products prices and the price of household equipment and maintenance services gainers, rose 2.6%, respectively, 1.5% and 1.1%.Continuous sharp decline in international oil prices and other factors, in December the country's industrial producer prices (PPI) fell 3.3 percent, a decline of 0.6%, a decline deepened 0.6 and 0.1 percentage points more than in November. Since March 2012, PPI has been 34 consecutive months of negative growth. In 2014, China's PPI fell 1.9%. WASHINGTON January 7, the national organization of industrial party meeting in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. CPPCC Vice Chairman, Executive Vice President Liu Xiaofeng central industrial party attended the meeting.In his speech, Liu Xiaofeng introduced national industrial party organization building strong talent since its implementation of the strategy of the party, and on the next steps to deepen the strategic talent strongnike lunar hyperdunk 2014 shoes party request. He pointed out that the Party should firmly establish strong strategic sense of talent, strengthen the system design, increase training, exercises to strengthen the practice of multi-channel,

establish and improve the talent management mechanism to achieve the institutionalization of party culture, cadre selection and standardization, the use of scientific cadres. At the same time, focusing on the development of high-level personnel in various fields, wide coverage, high-level personnel to seek new ways to develop and strengthen the construction of vertical and horizontal organization system conike hyperdunk 2011 sale  nstruction organization, and perfect bodies and perfect the mechanism, strengthen supervision within the party.Liu Xiaofeng emphasized that the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CCP made a comprehensive deepening reform of the overall deployment and mobilization, the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CCP proposes to comprehensively promote the overall goal of the rule of law and the major tasks facing the organization of major opportunities and industrial party challenge. To the majority of the group cadres in politics for the public, cause love note, pragmatic practitioners, the heart of party members in order to promote the realization of the "Healthy China" and the grand goal of "Beautiful China" as the main line, and